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About Me

Growing up, I was able to experience the many different facets of real estate from watching and learning from my folks, who were real estate investors. Not only am I a Real Estate Agent, but I also specialize in marketing campaigns for my current company. My degree in graphic design led me to where I am now and have been able to create a marketing edge for my clients.

Ask any of my clients and you will come to find that I am most passionate about getting you the best service for your real estate needs.  I take providing exceptional service as my mainstay in this complicated business. My background and contacts in this business have given me the ability to give you access to the necessary information and tools to be able to create a successful real estate transaction that you are excited about.

Out of the gate, I achieved New Associate of the Year here in my Bettendorf office. When you believe in something, and put the client first, it’s amazing what kinds of things you can achieve. With this mindset, I have achieved numerous awards for achievement over the years and am a multi-million dollar producer. I couldn’t have done this without the support of my loving husband and daughter as well as the support of my community.

I love my work as a Real Estate Agent. I get to meet new people everyday and make lasting friendships with those I help.  

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Experienced. Knowledgeable. Professional.

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